Facility Management and Energy Efficiency

Navest is a holding company of PFE SpA, IHS SpA, and Naren S.p.A.

It is one of the country’s leading players in the facility management and energy sector.

Its approach to the market places people, innovation, and sustainability at the centre, and to do this at best, it has become the strategic partner of its clients for hard and soft facility global services and energy efficiency.

History and values

A “Company made of People”: this is the first (but certainly not the only) value placed at the foundation of any business.

This value has been fortified over the years and today represents one of the cornerstones of Navest’s businesses.

Navest is an enterprise that owes its existence to the insights, strategies, and entrepreneurial activities of the founder of the first company, PFE S.p.A: Totò Navarra.

Founded in 1988, it has grown through the perseverance, passion and commitment of many men and women.

Over the several decades of its existence, the company has acquired and consolidated significant market shares with projects dedicated to continuous innovation, personnel training, with industrial plans aimed at sustainable growth and making management more professional.

For thirty-five years, Pfe, Performances Facility Enviroments, has been supporting clients in the public and private sector with their facility management services in the civil, health and industrial fields.
Pfe has designed and patented the “Clever Job” working method based on lean management principles.

For thirteen years Ihs, Hotel Integrated Services, has been delivering outsourcing services to hotel facilities: cleaning and repairing services of rooms and common areas, porterage, facility maintenance, and energy efficiency of facilities.

Specializing in energy efficiency services and renewable energy production, Naren has been in operation since 2019 and is the newest company to become a Navest holding company. The company operates in the fields of energy management, property management and construction.

Global Facility Management

The companies belonging to the holding company provide integrated and global facility management services that make the use of indoor spaces at processing facilities, and in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, public places such as hospitals, schools, universities, offices, airports, and stations more comfortable, pleasant, and safer.

Navest’s business plan for the next three years 2024/2025/2026 forecasts that total revenues of the companies belonging to the holding company will reach 200 million euros.