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For thirteen years IHS, in integrated hotel services, has been delivering outsourcing services to hotel facilities: business and leisure hotels, and summer and winter holiday resorts throughout the country. The company’s core business is cleaning and repairing services of rooms and common areas, porterage, facility maintenance, and energy efficiency of facilities.

IHS integrates seamlessly into the client’s organization, becoming an authentic partner on the same team.

Ihs has obtained numerous certifications, and the quality of processes and working methods are constantly monitored with the aim of delivering excellent service to the company’s partners and, most importantly, to the guests of hotel facilities.

Today, Ihs has over 1,000 employees throughout the country working at 120 hotels and resorts, providing their services every day in a total of six thousand rooms.

Special Projects

Environmental sustainability and Innovation

Ihs is a strategic partner that supports the sustainable growth and excellence of its customers.

Sustainable Hotel

Sustainable Hotel is a new project aimed at the sustainable growth of clients. In synergy with Navest’s overall sustainable view, the working method involves creating a strategic partnership with clients for sustainable growth of their facilities. 

A study has been conducted on the status quo of facilities in the areas of energy, water, waste management, logistics and mobility. The study enables planning of follow-up actions and improvement solutions in the respective areas of intervention to improve every task in terms of sustainable performance and economic savings for the client. 

Sustainable Hotel is synergistic and functional to the implementation of services useful for preparing the Sustainability Report of the clients of Ihs.

Hotel Sicuri

The Research and Development Area of IHS has devised and certified a working method that ensures hygienic environments and safety on hotel property through a Technical Process Specification called Safe Hotels.

Prepared and put into practice during the pandemic period, it is still an asset of the company and a guarantee of safety for clients and the guests of their respective facilities.